Test your knowledge of business continuity in your data center?

To cope with failure, natural disasters or accidents, the data center contains your data that must be protected by a series of measures. But are you familiar with these practices?

Data Center Knowledge

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Question 1 – What is the PCA?

The term belongs to the plan for business continuity, which enables an organization to operate even in the event of a major crisis.

Question 2 – For CIOs, reduce RTPO means?

It means reducing the outage duration and volume of data that it is acceptable to lose during an outage.

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Ur / Web, the new programming language made in MIT


Ur / Web, simplifying the programming language of web made in MIT

An MIT researcher presented a programming language called Ur/Web which aims to simplify the development of Web page.

The MIT researchers are redoubling their efforts to create programming languages that can automatically complete or make life easier for developers. Among several developers, there was also Armando Solar-Lezama, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer, of the famous university in suburban Boston. He has developed “Sketch”, which has the particularity to automatically fill omissions or code errors in a program. Stack, another project name identifies pieces of code apart by compilers but could prove useful.

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What is the optimal path for Cloud?

In terms of cloud, many CIOs turn first to a public cloud that can be used deploy business application in an evolutionary way. This solution has clear advantages, such as connecting to networks quickly.

However, for some reasons companies cannot afford to make all their applications on a public cloud. Would that for reasons of compliance or governance, exploitation, not to mention the concerns of the confidentiality of data, etc… these kinds of concerns make public cloud may not be suitable for every needs of companies.

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The difference between FTPS and SFTP


When performing a file transfer generally we all opts FTP, but security is not negligible kind of thing so we will have to opt secured version of FTP namely FTPS or SFTP. However, you may ask what is the difference between these two protocols?


FTPS is actually FTP with SSL in addition to the security side that it brings. The use of SSL allows requiring the use of a certificate to secure communication between the client and the server.

Generally FTP explicit encrypted connections. Therefore, the connection is on port 21 (standard) and then the command “AUTH TLS” or “AUTH SSL” is sent to the server to ask for encrypting the transfer orders. Then, a second command named “PROT P” is sent to the server to encrypt the data transfer.

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Linux crushing Windows in the Cloud

The recent study by the Linux Foundation demonstrates the dominance of Linux cloud platforms. It also reveals the growing interest in the technologies like Docker containers.

According the latest report from the Linux Foundation, in association with Yeoman Technology, 75% of companies use Linux as the preferred deployment platform in the Cloud against only 23% for Windows and 2% for UNIX. The Linux Foundation also qualifies the OS “Natural Platform” for Cloud.

51% of companies are now turning production platforms in the Cloud, in 6 of 10 cases on private cloud infrastructure, notes the investigation of the foundation. The choice of Linux as a reference platform for user companies does not only depend on the choices made by Amazon, Google, IBM and other, claims the foundation. The report also notes that Microsoft Azure is the only major provider of public cloud to have made its priority Windows platform.

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