Cloud Web Hosting or cPanel Hosting – What to Choose?


The first and foremost step in any start-up business is to decide on which web host service to choose. Web hosting is a big term to be described and contains numerous hosting services depending upon the features and business size. In simple terms, web hosting is basically a space on web server required for storing your website database. This means whenever a visitor is searching for your website by entering a domain name, he will get directed to your website without any hassle. But to choose a hosting service is a bit hard task. Currently, the most popular hosting services chosen by companies are cloud web hosting and cPanel hosting.

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5 Best Open Source Software for Project Management and Planning

project_management_softwareOpen Source Project Management Software – Ultimate Roadmap for Project Planning

Being an entrepreneur, you might have worked on different projects. Project planning involves lot to work on – from trying to work out on a project timeline to getting all the billing information together at the end of the month, right? Yes, that’s where you get stuck. Though you might be using certain software for it, you may be obsessed a bit with those project management software. Do you know there are some open source project management software available that make your task easier? There are top five software to enlist. But before enlisting them let’s understand what exactly is project management software and what are the benefits of using it?

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Big Data: The next wave of business innovation

Big Data

Texts, tweets, blogs, and posts on the social networking site – the volume of data is so-called as unstructured data, which so far exceeds than of organized data.

There are nearly 14 billion years ago, the “big bang” gave birth to the universe we know today and the same type of phenomenon could happen in the business world with the digitization of the economy. In this economy; in the process of change, it is no longer processes essential mechanism for creating value, but the data.

Now, after years of IT investment, companies are sitting on top of a mountain called structured data, that is to say, stored in databases. They can combine this vast amount of information from the production, marketing, sales, or finance transactions with suppliers, customers, or partners. So the first thing which draws an attention is profiting from the operation of such data also revealing hidden knowledge about their customers, products and business activities.

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Windows 10 with biometrics

Microsoft has confirmed the integration of standard FIDO 2.0 in Windows 10. This standard allows authentication through biometrics and through a multi-factor system.

There will of biometrics in the future OS from Microsoft, Windows 10. At the summit on cyber security held late last week by the White House, Microsoft announced that it had joined the alliance FIDO (Fast Online Identity), which aims to change the online mode authentication. In other words, return the login / password to oblivion. After a first version of its eponymous standard, delivered in December 2014, the consortium is now working on version 2.0. It uses two protocols: the Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) and the Universal Second Factor (USF).

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The HTTP 2.0 will accelerate the Web


HTTP 2.0 is on the way to standardization. Its technical specifications have just been approved by the IETF.

The Web is poised for a major development at least on paper. The IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group), responsible for technical processes and standardization within the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) has just validated the HTTP specification 2.0 and HPACK, confirmed by Mark Nottingham, who chairs the working group on the HTTP within the organization standardization. He is also a member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group. This validation will be followed by a formalization of the specification as an RFC (Request for Comment) for their final publication. RFCs are referenced documents describing the technical characteristics of the Internet in particular.

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