Even If Microsoft Puts Water In Its Wine, it Would Still Be Costlier


1) Windows Server 2003 EOL – Official:  (Don’t get surprise, still many companies use this older version)

14th July 2015, Windows Server 2003 will be turned off officially, but question is how many companies that are using this version for a long time will migrate on the time. However, Microsoft will logically move towards a customized support at full price.

The most vital part is migration associated to this on coming end of Windows Server 2003 OS would represent a total expenditure of $100 billion for businesses, according to forecasts of Spiceworks IT Network.

Why this is a major issue?

This version is in the end of life time-span and Microsoft will no longer offer any official support system after 14 July. So those using this OS will either have to pay full bespoke price for the support ($600 per server, for the 1st year) or migrate to new alternatives (i.e. 2008 or 2012). By all means, a huge investment is must, according to the Texas based Spiceworks.

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VMware Declares Open Source Software Projects – Lightwave and Photon

vmware-logo_w_500Microservices is going to be the modern software architecture in the near future. It’s definite but what’s buzzing the air today, is that, can microservices be pushed ahead to as much extent as possible for investments in current architecture to be fully repaid before they get the permission for expiration.

Looking at this, VMware, a tech giant, unveiled an open source project, Lightwave, on 20th April 2015 that will give system administrators a way for having a control over access to their containers. In addition, VMware also launched a Project Photon, a Linux distribution, to harvest a lightwave version of Linux for running containers on server host.

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Introducing SSD 750 Drives to Drive Your Desktop PCs at the Fastest Speed

intel-solid-state-drive-storage-ssd750Solid State Storage (SSD) isn’t a new word for tech geeks as it has appeared continuously on the devices used by consumers. If you are tracking the performance computing technologies then you possibly know that a fast SSD can offer a required speed to lift your system, in fact even more than other upgrades. But have you observed that servers have started using SSDs too? Also, IT managers have started replacing the traditional HDDs (hard disk drives) with SSDs for storage. No doubt when it comes to SSDs, Intel has been the topper since years. It’s well-known that Intel mainly focuses on driving their market but whenever it eventually did arrive, its products were rated as one of the best that give top performance and durability.

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting – A Cool Way of Managing Your Business Accounts

cloud-hosting-quickbooksHave you recently started business? If yes, you might be knowing the thrill of that first sale and then the nerve-wracking pain of awaiting for clearing the payment finally. According to the study by Bank of America, only 12% small business owners are replacing their cash registers with mobile tablets or cloud-based POS solutions. This leads to delays in managing the accounts which is described by small business owners as the biggest challenge in cash flow.

What is QuickBooks?

To eliminate the delaying issue, QuickBooks, an accounting software was released that helps to keep track of your business finances in an organized and accurate fashion. The brand that has developed, sold and supported QuickBooks is Intuit – makers of tax program TurboTax.

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Cloud Web Hosting or cPanel Hosting – What to Choose?


The first and foremost step in any start-up business is to decide on which web host service to choose. Web hosting is a big term to be described and contains numerous hosting services depending upon the features and business size. In simple terms, web hosting is basically a space on web server required for storing your website database. This means whenever a visitor is searching for your website by entering a domain name, he will get directed to your website without any hassle. But to choose a hosting service is a bit hard task. Currently, the most popular hosting services chosen by companies are cloud web hosting and cPanel hosting.

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