VENOM Poisons the Datacenters, No…It Isn’t A Snake that’s Biting, It’s A Bug


What! VENOM has hit the datacenters? Snakes have started targeting servers now, how’s it possible? No…these aren’t snakes that are spitting their venom. This a bug that’s named VENOM that stands for ‘Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation’. This means that it might be really hard to de-venomize the servers. Heartbleed had hit just over-a-year ago through a glossy marketing trick of introducing with its own logo and FAQ page and now the VENOM was also announced publicly in the similar fashion.

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Alert! There’s a Malware Turning Linux Servers and BSD Servers into Zombies


Do you have zombies in your datacenter? Silly question, right? But yes, you need to ensure whether your Linux/BSD servers are safe. Why? Because there’s an old malware buzzing around the Linux and Free BSD servers. It’s shocking! Yes, this new malware is termed as Mumblehard that is converting the servers into spawn-ejecting zombies. What if it damages your servers? Just imagining this makes you hyper tensed. Don’t worry! To make it clear what exactly Mumblehard is? Here’s a detailed clarification.

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Debian 8 “Jessie” – Newcomer to the world of Linux OS

debian Introduction:

Debian OS 8 “Jessie” is delivered in a stable version to Linux family. Seems good news for the system operators and server administrators where Debian is still very popular.


After the release of Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet”, here is a newcomer in the sphere of Linux OS, i.e. Debian 8 “Jessie”. This operating system will benefit from five years of support, provided by Debian and Debian Security’s long term support teams.

Debian 8 includes systemd, replacing sysvinit (which remains available as well) and handles system startup and services. Relatively complex project, however, systemd brings some interesting developments, such as a shorter startup time and a better standard of safety of services, two crucial elements in a server environment.

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CloudRouter Links Datacenters to New Network Technologies

cloudrouterThe Open Source CloudRouter project is actually OpenDaylight component to enable and ease the transition of the new data center network technologies.

The wide spread of open source technology model continues in the field of networking. The proof is, after OpenDaylight initiative that organizes the development of an SDN controller (Software Defined Network) commonly shared by the major players such as Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.… is the router round of interest to the community with the CloudRouter project.

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Even If Microsoft Puts Water In Its Wine, it Would Still Be Costlier


1) Windows Server 2003 EOL – Official:  (Don’t get surprise, still many companies use this older version)

14th July 2015, Windows Server 2003 will be turned off officially, but question is how many companies that are using this version for a long time will migrate on the time. However, Microsoft will logically move towards a customized support at full price.

The most vital part is migration associated to this on coming end of Windows Server 2003 OS would represent a total expenditure of $100 billion for businesses, according to forecasts of Spiceworks IT Network.

Why this is a major issue?

This version is in the end of life time-span and Microsoft will no longer offer any official support system after 14 July. So those using this OS will either have to pay full bespoke price for the support ($600 per server, for the 1st year) or migrate to new alternatives (i.e. 2008 or 2012). By all means, a huge investment is must, according to the Texas based Spiceworks.

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