Email Encryption Software – The Secure Way to Send Business Emails

Email Security

What is email encryption? Any guesses….The word reflects email encryption as something related to email security. Today’s competitive digital business environment has made email encryption as operational compulsion. Email encryption plays a significant role in protecting private sensitive and valuable information via email. Email encryption software, secure email servers or secure webmail centers help in the deployment of email encryption.

For example, when a business requires to pass any confidential personal information to other organization, the business needs to deploy email encryption, like the payroll processor. Usually, email messages and attachments aren’t actually protected from the spying elements surfing the Internet. Also, businesses can opt for email encryption to send client level emails thus protecting those from end to end i.e. sender to recipient.

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E-Commerce Web Hosting – One Stop Solution for Your Online Sales’ Growth

E-Commerce Web Hosting

Some highly envied market researchers have commented that eCommerce sales are going to peak from its current volume of $1.7 trillion to an astounding volume of $2.3 trillion by 2017. Looking towards these figures, every online store wants to seize the market and improve their sale. The role of the web server used by you is also a point that matters in the growth of your online business sales. Precisely, the compelling E-marketers are opting for e-Commerce web hosting services as a growth-hacking tool for improving their online sales. Following are the issues that portray how e-Commerce web hosting services grow online sales –

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Dedicated Server Hosting Can Also Give A Lift To Your Business

Dedicated Server

In today’s society, the market place is ferocious and businesses need to go above and beyond to ensure that they’re at the top of the field. Although this might seem like an easy objective to fulfill, it is not. In fact, it is an ongoing battle and businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity given to them. One of the best ways to get ahead of the competition is by making an adjustment to your hosting plan. With the dedicated server hosting plans, businesses can speed up their sites, attract more customers and gain more control. Below, you’ll discover reasons for businesses to make the switch.

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Competitive Advantage Through SQL Server 2016 Encryption Feature

Always Encrypted

 “Database security” – a term that every business struggles hard to acquire. Major breaches can be heard once in every month in large organizations or government agencies and so, security has become a significant concern for all. To mitigate these risks, encryption or hashing techniques are applied by many businesses and agencies. But since it seems to be a tedious task, developers often find doing it only for severely sensitive data like passwords.

Looking towards all these complications, SQL Server had previously offered several options for data encryption and those included column-level encryption, transparent data encryption, encryption of SQL Server objects definitions, encryption of SQL Server connections, backup encryption BitLocker drive encryption and database file-level encryption through Windows EFS. These encryption features provide strong data security at the database and operating system levels that further prevents disclosure of confidential information by unauthorized way, even if the infrastructure or databases of SQL Server are compromised.

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The growth of cloud computing

The growth of cloud computing

Cloud Computing has taken the IT world by storm.

Enterprises and educational institutions who have already adopted the cloud have been reaping the rewards of increased flexibility and scalability, faster time to market for new application deployments, easier access to all types of data, and greater savings across the board.

All signs point to a more efficient and cost effective technological future with cloud computing.

Cloud Computing is here to stay, and it’s getting bigger.

72% of companies have adopted the cloud.

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