Comparing Between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting

Windows VPS VS Linux VPS

When it comes to hosting, business owners should have the technical knowledge for selecting a suitable hosting plan. Each of the hosting plan is divided into two types Windows and Linux depending upon the operating system. Linux hosting is based upon an open source operating system that gives free software availability to anyone as well as allows them to use, modify, improve and redistribute versions easily. While Windows hosting is based upon Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Let’s see the difference between Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting.

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Decreasing Operating Costs With The Use Of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Decreasing Operating Cost with Virtual Machines

In the technological crazed society that is today, small businesses and startups face great difficultly attempting to compete with their bigger and wealthier counterparts. Many small business owners will opt for Windows apps and software, in order to manage, operate and promote their businesses. This was not possible in the past, as a hosted dedicated server would have been a necessity. Although the business may be small, the operating and maintenance costs can still be massive. This is especially true, when it comes to maintaining dedicated servers.

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Choosing an OpenStack Distribution? Here’s What You Should Consider…

openstack distribution

OpenStack has already horned in for its proponents’ expectations, the next big searches would be the area and process to run it along with the way to keep it fresh. Especially when it comes to choosing an OpenStack distribution, you find Red Hat, HP, Cisco and several others as viable options. But while going for all these options, enterprises should be alert while taking their decision.

Cloud can be considered similar to a Lego wherein one can opt for prepackaged solutions which are quick and easy in terms of deployment and one can also buy a bunch of loose blocks and design your own cloud from scratch. The prepackaged module is gaining popularity since several enterprises are still into the early days of private and hybrid cloud.

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Unveil the Benefits of SSD Caching

Several Benefits of SSD Caching

SSD caching controls the best features of two generations of storage technology, solid-state SSD storage and rotating magnetic storage in a single machine. Also termed as Smart Response Technology, SSD caching intends to offer enhanced performance for computers using traditional HDDs not only in a cost-effective way but also with easy configuration.

  • Performance speeds up with little investment.
  • Reduced I/O delay time.
  • Work best with transaction-intensive applications.
  • Comes with more space and power.
  • Cost effective.
  • Cached write data protected by non-volatile RAID 10.
  • RAID data redundancy protection.

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Virtualizing With Hyper V And Virtuozzo – Which Is Best?

Hyper-v vs Virtuozzo

Over the years, technology has changed and new innovations have been discovered. Many businesses are making the transition to virtualization, because it can provide them with so many exceptional benefits. What is this term and can it help your business? You will be able to find out, by reading through the information below.

What Is Virtualization?

Despite the advancements, a lot of consumers are still unfamiliar with this term. In actuality, the concept isn’t incredibly complex. When embracing virtualization, you will actually run a system on top of an existing system. This approach can be taken with a variety of different things, including servers and networks.

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