Is hybrid cloud the perfect twist?

 Hybrid Cloud

The perspective of implementing a single centralized platform that can keep up with the digital business and its growing demands has its rough edges, but there seems to be positive feedback when it comes to businesses. Many enterprises have already been dashed by the perspective of a far better and superior data management and security that the hybrid cloud can offer. As far as it goes, nine out of ten IT enterprises plan to use or are already using some kind of cloud environment for their affairs and the numbers are growing.

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Do You Want To Improve Your Page Ranking?

Page Ranking

There has been a lot of speculation about what affects the page ranking of the website, as it is an important aspect of website success. It has also been mentioned by Matt Cutts that the site speed doesn’t play “a major” part of ranking a page for both web and portable websites last August. We can all agree that the loading speed of a website can significantly affect online business as consumers tend to have a short attention span and so a slow loading speed of pages can bring down the average visit duration and reduce sales on the website.

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The Search for Open Source Cloud Continues…


Perfect cloud recipe ingredients include cloud management, cloud server management and cloud monitoring. Open source initiatives for cloud monitoring, cloud management and IaaS have become popular in private cloud implementations as well as in hybrid cloud implementations. Cloud management and monitoring services are epitomes for compliance auditing, checking on the resources’ performance and security.  The two significant features of cloud – elasticity and flexibility are responsible for its extensive use by the open source software architecture supporting data-intensive distributed applications.

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Cloud And Edge Computing Come Together For The Perfect Storm In 2016

 Edge Computing

It’s been something that many computer experts have predicted for some time. With so many machines, applications and of course the very hip “Internet of Things”, it was only a matter of time before technology quickly evolved to push these technologies to the next level.

As with all evolutions, most technologies will develop somewhat, however, we see these particular technologies moving far quicker than most to provide a modern day cloud system.

1) The Edge Has Arrived

The “Cloud”, has been with us for quite the number of years now. It provides exactly what we expected it to, a single, unified platform that integrates Core IT facilities plus Shadow ones with ease. However, 2016 is going to be the year where at-least part de-centralization of the cloud begins to happen.

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Discover the New Technique of OS Virtualization

OS VirtualizationToday, every business is struggling to reduce the IT costs with several techniques. Even a minute part of computing power is trying to use out of servers for this. But have you heard about one popular idea – consolidation.

There are some under used servers that are divided into multiple small and more operational fragments through consolidation. These pieces help in achieving higher server performance overall. Additionally, this also excludes the requirement of some physical servers. Apart from consolidation, various subdivision methods are available which take many forms – from partitioning of the physical big iron servers to diverse software techniques like virtual machines (VMs).

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