Programming languages with strong potential

Programming languages such as R, Scala, and Clojure are less popular than Python, C#, Java or PHP but offer interesting career opportunities for expert developers, according to Dice languages.

As we all know mastering in Ruby or Python pays more than the average salary for other technical profiles, same for Java, C#, .Net or JavaScript. PHP is still recipe, but wages are stagnating. Less popular languages offer other opportunities for expert developers, according to Dice, American IT recruitment site. So today we will see a brief overview on programming languages.

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Its official now: Google will favor referencing HTTPS (SSL) websites

google-ssl-ranking The number one search engine in the World now wish to favor websites that having SSL standard encryption. For now, this criterion has little impact, but keeps in mind it will increase in the future.

The main intent of Google behind this change is to encourage developers and site owners to implement TLS (Transport Layer Security), and thus to establish encryption between sites and the Internet communications. For your information, Google will prioritize sites SEO status by using this technology, as it promotes such sites displaying original content.

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Windows Server 2012R2


Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2, both editions are at the heart of Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision, with 2012R2 Microsoft brings experience that helps to build infrastructure to provide Cloud Services globally.

Both of these new editions comes up with several new features and enhancements in the area of virtualization, management, storage, network, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), security, information access, and web application platform, etc…

With this latest release, Microsoft is not only positioning itself as a genuine challenger to VMware vSphere virtualization, but also provides a copy in terms of deployment scenarios.

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Windows 9 without its icon bar, but with virtual desktops

This next version of Windows OS will remove the toolbar and integrate virtual desktops.

As similar to iPhone 6, the next version of Microsoft OS also have a code name, known as Threshold or we can simply say Windows 9, which is the subject of multitude rumors. The early screenshots shows the return of the Start Menu with integrating access to tiles, inherited from Metro or Modern UI environment and keeping the traditional Menu.

In late July 2014, more photos were published which showed a display applications and folders. Those photographs confirm that Modern UI applications (tiles) will be launched in the Desktop version of Windows for PC. It also means that Microsoft wants Windows 9 to automatically adapt its interface depending on the machine used.

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Linux, Java, and Mathematica focuses on software offers by Raspberry Pi

A brief overview available on the Raspberry Pi operating systems, complemented by state of the support of this platform by Oracle and Wolfram Research.

Raspberry Pi

A true community is created around Raspberry Pi, the British Pico Computer. No wonder this machine has become a star in the industry of electronics.

From Linux to RISC OS


Let’s start with what is available in terms of operating systems. The Raspberry Pi Foundation recommends Raspbian, an OS based on Debian. Effective, however, this system shows still slow, due to the limited features of Pi (a heart ARM 700MHz, 512MB RAM, Storage on SD/MicroSD card). Optimizations are also under way, particularly in the Graphics.

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