Firefox eyes on web developers


The next version of the Firefox web browser will bring multiple advanced features dedicated to web application for developers which will increase efficiency.

Advance features in this new version of web browser can be of three types: purely functional for users; related to the implementation of web standards (for webmaster and users); or specifically dedicated to web developers.

This last compartment is now covered by the beta version Firefox 31. It now allows you to apply changes to an entire selection. For example: select four lines of code and insert a statement on the first. The insertion will be automatically reproduces in the set of selected lines, a feature that greatly increase developer’s productivity.

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Key issues regarding virtual infrastructure capacity management

virtual infrastructure capacity management

The beginning of virtualization has helped all of us to overcome the problems related to the management of server hardware; at least in appearance. Request for provisioning virtual servers increased, setup times reduced drastically and quality of virtualization solutions seems to allow infinite resource sharing. But the burden on infrastructure is complex to control.

The finding of an overload is often a sign of general radical deterioration. The overall load of the virtual infrastructure then reschedules inexorable applications it hosts. The cloud infrastructure is regularly regards as an independent entity for the services provided. However, the foundation of virtualization and application services are more related than it seems.

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Microsoft Office 365 tools

Microsoft Office 365 solution includes a set of online services for an unlimited access to all of your workspace from any device connected to the Internet.

The shared nature of the tools

Microsoft Office 365 >>

Give the work a highly collaborative dimension, a new way of working cross-platform and multi-screen. Microsoft cloud strategy is the major factor behind the success of Office 365 in very short time of span. It allows you to access you all data and all contacts without any limitation. Here are the details of the functionality of its online services; we can say star tools of Office 365.

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Next Generation PHP

most popular programming languages 2014

PHP sees the future of the core Next Generation

PHP developers have announced that the next kernel programming language PHP would come from the Next Generation project. Developers worked on the integration of a JIT compiler that improves application performance.

It is always difficult to predict the future of technology, unless some people give direction. And this is the case regarding PHP. Its developers published a small paper on the website giving some information about the future.

In that paper, they evoke the project PHP Next Generation. It was created by three people, Dmitry Stogov, Xinchen Hui and Nikita Popov, to accelerate the performance of PHP. Specifically, they worked on the problems encountered in integrating JIT compiler in PHP.

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Google – New programming languages must emerge


Google points out the limits of JavaScript and calls for the emergence of new programming  languages, including its own initiative – Dart

For Google, the web applications are likely to exceed desktop applications, provided that developers have at their disposal more programming languages. Developers should have more choice of viable languages because the web can give rise to applications as good as or better than native applications. It must do so; otherwise the app store owners will ultimately prevail.

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