How to prepare for the arrival of SAP S / 4 Hana?


Skip the current versions of SAP ERP to S/4 Hana, it is both makes a substantial leap to functional and technological, but also to prepare for the SI data stream of reality associated with the Internet of Things and Big Data.

The mountain bike Hana (database):

S/4 (new generation of application) of SAP – is it an evolution as similar to the transition from R/3 to ECC6?

The answer is no, it is rather a revolution! The world champion of ERP technology is bet to maintain its dominant position with two irons in the fire. In a pure performance perspective, it is gradually developing its offers to Hana stand, in-memory engine from supplanting the traditional RDBMS in the application of power. Furthermore, when SAP announced S/4 Hana, it was a complete overhaul of the logical structure of its application based on the essential qualities of its database in-memory.

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The Incredible Journey of Cloud Computing


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Difference between Incremental and Differential Backups

Incremental & Differential Backup

When the subject comes to the backups, we never get tired to say why backups are so vital part of business.

Things turn little bit tricky especially in companies where the good management of backups is not always simple. Indeed, the storage has a cost whether it is local or outsourced.

1) Incremental backup

Nothing beats a simple patter of incremental backup. We will see the example weekly backup here. To begin, we have conducted an initially full back up by on Monday.

1) Then the incremental backup will build on next day, i.e. Tuesday, which will safeguard only the new files created or modified in the meantime.

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Tangled to Invest in Cloud? Here’s the Future…Shining Bright…

future (1)

Do you want to have a hot pizza breakfast when you reach home? Simply instruct the oven through your smartphone app, when you reach home the pizza is ready to go in your tummy. Mmmmm….Yummy! You might be wondering, is that really possible? Yes, it is but only if you invest in cloud. Why cloud? The information that you give to your home appliances will be stored in the cloud. Then let’s go for the cloud. Wait first let’s recognize the future of cloud computing…

According to IDC, the cloud infrastructure spending would gain up to 21% in 2015 and it would increase six times faster than the spending on IT market as a whole, surpassing $127 billion by 2018. Kuba Stolarski, Research Manager, Server, Virtualization and Workload Research, IDC quotes “The pace of adoption of cloud-based platforms will not abate for quite some time, resulting in cloud IT infrastructure expansion continuing to outpace the growth of the overall IT infrastructure market for the foreseeable future”.

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What’s the best – Cloud Server Hosting VS. Dedicated Server Hosting?

Cloud Server Hosting_vs_Dedicated Server Hosting

After grasping these differences in cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting, you might have understood both are best with their own benefits. Lastly, depending on your business requirements you can choose between the two.

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