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VMware workstation “Not enough physical memory”

In this tutorial we will see how to resolve the error “No enough physical memory” in VMware Workstation on Windows 8 and 8.1 In recent weeks, a problem appears on VMware Workstation installed on Windows 8.1. Indeed, when starting a … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA 5500 FirePower – NextGen Firewall

Cisco improves security by adding NextGen Firewall to identify and avoid advanced threats. This is a further step in the integration of Sourcefire technologies. Cisco is no stranger to security, but it is changing and especially focusing on reliability. As … Continue reading

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Its official now: Google will favor referencing HTTPS (SSL) websites

The number one search engine in the World now wish to favor websites that having SSL standard encryption. For now, this criterion has little impact, but keeps in mind it will increase in the future. The main intent of Google … Continue reading

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Key issues regarding virtual infrastructure capacity management

The beginning of virtualization has helped all of us to overcome the problems related to the management of server hardware; at least in appearance. Request for provisioning virtual servers increased, setup times reduced drastically and quality of virtualization solutions seems … Continue reading

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Should we virtualize all stages of the information system?

Virtualization offers more options in the different layers of the infrastructure of the information system. However, this phenomenon raises different questions about the interest, the purpose of all virtual and same competency redistributed within companies. Today, there are three layers, … Continue reading

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