bodHOST eNlight Private Cloud – The Pay As You Consume Enterprise Cloud

Having provided Public Cloud solutions for a long time, bodHOST is now offering Private Cloud services based on the patent-pending eNlight Cloud hosting platform delivering up to 99.95% uptime.

“bodHOST recognizes how important it is for businesses to continuously keep looking for cost effective solutions without compromising the quality of services. That’s why we work with our Private Cloud customers to develop a solution that is tailored around their requirements so that they are able to stay within their budget whilst receiving a hosting infrastructure that is supportive of their business considering current and future infrastructure requirements”, says Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST LTD..

He further adds – “Our Private Clouds that utilize eNlight platform, are capable of delivering Virtual Machines (VMs) running both Windows and Linux, with enterprise class stability. Customers will also have access to the eNlight web-based control panel through which they can create and manage their VMs and entire Private Cloud”.

Reliability, Expandability and security are the key important factors for any web hosting setup. If a Private Cloud ever begins to run low on resources then additional servers can be added to the cluster in no time with assistance from bodHOST’s 24×7 support team. Clients can also create new virtual machines or extend the disk for existing virtual machines to accommodate higher disk space requirements.

eNlight is also able to offer auto-scaling on a per-VM basis so that additional demand can be fulfilled if the resources of a VM reach closer to the assigned limit. The intelligent eNlight platform automatically allocates additional resources from within the Private Cloud to improve the VM’s performance and capability of dealing with additional load.

“A Private Cloud is designed to offer more protection than what is available in the Public Cloud as no-one else will have access to the customer’s Cloud hosting cluster. Furthermore, every Private Cloud from bodHOST makes use of the latest security features and techniques to guarantee a hosting environment that would suffice for even the largest of businesses”, says Nitin Jadhav, CTO at bodHOST LTD.

bodHOST’s Private Cloud solutions are developed to meet a customer’s individual needs. If you are interested in learning more about the Private Cloud then email [email protected] or call sales department on (+1) 866 662 0909.

bodHOST’s new website –Cloud Computing is the future, traditional hosting still going strong.

Web Hosting In The U.S.

Edison, New Jersey – bodHOST Ltd (, a leading Managed Servers & Cloud Hosting provider in the United States, today unveiled their new revamped website. The refreshed website boasts of a fine catalog of their products which also reflects the company’s focus on cloud computing technology.

The new website has been categorized into two sub types; Cloud Hosting that features their flagship Cloud platform eNlight Cloud along with Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud while Traditional Hosting features Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting. In addition to these, bodHOST Ltd. also offers services such as DR as a Service, Desktop as a Service, SAP Hosting, Zimbra Email Hosting, SSL Certificates and Backup Solutions.

“In order to achieve the desired growth, we are implementing and adapting to various new methodologies to compete in the U.S. market, which – at $15.8 trillion in 2012 translated into 25% of the total world market, the largest single market in the world. This statistic is almost equivalent to entire Europe which is $19.9 trillion, which comprises 48 countries and 730 million people. The United States is also a host to 27 of the world’s largest 50 companies. Taking these numbers into consideration, anything is possible in the U.S. if we have the right strategy, right talent, and right motivation”, says Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST LTD.

He further adds – “The new revamped website shows the balanced approach bodHOST, as an organization, is taking towards web hosting and cloud services. We understand that there would always be individuals or organizations that prefer the traditional hosting platforms, so traditional hosting platforms can never be neglected. Hence, we have clearly provided a direction to visitors on our website by keeping a simple homepage where the visitor gets a high level view of what we offer. Through the cloud computing section of our website, we have showcased some innovative, interesting and amazing features of eNlight that shall benefit organizations across the world.”

Since the rise of cloud computing, the company has transformed into a provider of Cloud Hosting servers and the newly launched website truly showcases the direction company is heading to.

On the traditional hosting side, bodHOST offers Shared, Reseller, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Enterprise solutions. Under the Cloud Computing umbrella, bodHOST offers Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Setups hosted on its proprietary eNlight platform along with the popular Hyper-V cloud. bodHOST is among the first few companies to offer automated services in the web hosting industry backed with 24×7 round the clock technical support. The presence of qualified support staff and customer service oriented personnel gives the company a very significant presence in the web hosting industry.

To ensure quality of service and support, bodHOST customer support team (866-662-0909 & 302-294-5628) is available round the clock to answer or troubleshoot any queries one may have. The company’s seasoned system administrators possess vast expertise in their respective field which facilitates provision of highly secured Linux as well as Windows servers.

bodHOST Introduces a New Range of Dedicated Servers in the US & Canada

Cloud & Dedicated Server Hosting

The highly popular VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting market has become more interesting for businesses of all sizes nowadays with easy and affordable access to technology. Popular US based Managed Hosting service provider bodHOST’s new range of cost-effective web hosting servers underlines this fact as they now offer superior functionality and benefits with their entire range of servers, which was once affordable only to larger enterprises.

The company’s new range of high end dedicated servers are located in its US and Canada data center. With a significant drop in cost of servers as well as operational costs over the years, bodHOST’s managed servers are targeted towards companies that might not have considered VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting in the past due to high expenses associated with recurring monthly fees as well as server management. All servers offered by the company are fully managed and backed by round-the-clock customer support through helpdesk, live chat and phone.

“To ensure that all customers have access to the best data center network infrastructure around, we have our servers housed in world class datacenter facilities located at Chicago (US) and Montreal (Canada). To ensure that all customers have their websites hosted on the best available network connection, we have partnered with the world’s best carriers including Level (3), Abovenet, Savvis, PCCW, Telia and Cogent. Connections ranging from OC192, OC48, and 10GigE (10,000Mbps) form rings connecting Hurricane core routers”,  Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST said.

Besides the dedicated server upgrades, the company is also planning to increase hosting facilities for the South American & Asian customers, which include application service providers, small reseller web hosting companies, e-commerce businesses, corporate banks,  healthcare sector, etc.

In future, the company also aims to distinguish its hosting portfolio in two categories, cloud hosting & traditional hosting.

The services provided under cloud model would include public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, VMware cloud, SAP hosting, disaster recovery solutions, Zimbra email hosting services while the traditional hosting services portfolio would cover web hosting solutions like shared hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated server hosting, server mirroring and load balanced servers.

In a brief interview with company’s CTO, the next maneuver of bodHOST would be to introduce vLite platform based Virtual Servers as vLite based VPSs would offer superior performance, reliability, and flexible scaling to users. “bodHOST IT services are moving towards the right direction, as planned out last year. This year our main focus would be on virtualization technologies in order to accelerate business growth with new customers”, Nick J, CTO of bodHOST explained.




bodHOST Achieves Accelerated Momentum in $148 Billion Market with CEO Appointment

Cloud & Dedicated Server Hosting Company

The “cloud” is overshadowing all information technology: charming the technicians with its “elasticity”. And only one cloud vendor offers true elasticity: bodHOST.

Edison, NJ, March 07, 2013

bodHOST, the technology leader in automated vertical scaling cloud computing, reported market gains that it attributes to the appointment of Probal DasGupta as chief executive officer in 2012. Under Probal’s leadership, bodHOST sought to accelerate its growth in the rapidly expanding cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market that will surpass $148 billion (worldwide) by 2014, according to Gartner.

Probal brings more than 20 years of senior leadership experience to bodHOST. After having served as Head of I.T. at Mittal Steel (precursor to ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel manufacturer today) for 10 years, Probal was involved in a number of startups in the U.S., including several years of close cooperation with the Object Management Group (OMG) to propagate the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm worldwide. With his appointment as CEO of bodHOST, Probal brought that experience and wide industry connections to the company.

“bodHOST has developed an innovative and highly differentiated cloud infrastructure through its ground-breaking and patent-pending eNlight software, which alone – even today – provides automatic vertical scaling in the entire industry,” said Probal DasGupta. “With an established customer base of 1,500 enthusiastic cloud adopters, bodHOST is poised to become a major player in the $148 billion global market for cloud services. The Public Cloud segment in the U.S. alone is projected for compound annual growth rate of 41.7 percent from 2012 through 2016, and we are well positioned to capitalize on this dynamic growth by extending our eNlight offering across the IaaS market, including public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.”

“Probal is a great match for bodHOST. His vision of a cloud-based economy matches our vision for a new ecology of data centers and cloud services,” said Piyush Somani, President of bodHOST. “We have invested years of R&D in building eNlight, which is the best technology for resource-intensive and real-time applications, and we are ready for a broader audience that Probal can bring in. His leadership and expertise will spur the next phase of growth for bodHOST.”


TRADITIONAL HOSTING: bodHOST will continue catering to its large body of traditional hosting customers through cost-effective dedicated servers, shared hosting (Linux and Windows), reseller hosting (Linux and Windows) and virtual private servers (Linux and Windows); and, will also continue to reward its large reseller network.

CLOUD HOSTING: Cloud computing is a parallel focus, with enterprise clouds (public, private and hybrid clouds) in scope, all powered by bodHOST’s flagship, patent-pending eNlight cloud platform, which uniquely provides automatic vertical scaling of resources, matched by none other at this time. A range of cloud services, including Data Center as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Desktop as a Service, are offered, with persuasive cost options for small and medium sized businesses. The company’s server farm in their Chicago data center is currently being amplified to support this expected growth.


The presentation Demystifying Cloud Computing covers fundamentals of Cloud Computing, and highlights the various ways in which a cloud can be utilized, including interesting and amazing features of eNlight that benefit companies across the world.

bodHOST plans multi-pronged growth in 2013 through its product line and geographical reach

New Jersey, Jan 5, 2013

bodHOST, a pioneer in web hosting and Cloud platform, begins 2013 with a cheery outlook of growth, product extension and customer support enhancement, including expansion into South America through their newly established office in Santiago, Chile. The company continues on its growth trajectory having almost doubled its customer base in 2012, and aims to improve its business expansion even more aggressively in the new year, both in the traditional hosting business, as well as in cloud computing, through its proprietary cloud platform, eNlight. To pursue this goal, bodHOST brought on board last year, a new CEO – Probal DasGupta – with a stellar record in entrepreneurship, a strong vision of the future state of cloud computing, and proven experience in managing growth in diverse industries as disparate as steel manufacturing and consulting services.

Hosting Services

bodHOST will continue catering to its large body of traditional hosting customers through cost-effective dedicated servers, shared hosting (Linux and Windows), reseller hosting (Linux and Windows) and virtual private servers (Linux and Windows); and, will also continue to reward its large reseller network. Towards this goal, bodHOST has extended its holiday promotions through to January 18, 2013, giving new and existing customers the opportunity to take advantage of product promotions that extend across the company’s product range.

PROMOTIONS: bodHOST is offering a 50% one-time discount on their shared and reseller hosting plans with the coupon codes bodHOSTShared and bodHOSTReseller respectively. Additionally, the company has extended its 20% first-month discount on any virtual private or dedicated server using the coupon codes bodHOSTVPS and bodHOSTDedicated respectively.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will be a parallel focus in the new year, with enterprise clouds (public, private and hybrid clouds) in scope, all powered by bodHOST’s flagship, patent-pending eNlight cloud platform, which uniquely provides automatic vertical scaling of resources, matched by none other at this time. A range of cloud services, including Data Center as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Desktop as a Service, will be promoted, with persuasive cost options for small and medium sized businesses. The company’s server farm in their Chicago data center is currently being amplified to support this expected growth.

PROMOTIONS: All new orders placed using the coupon code eNlightSpecial will receive $25 in free credit to use without any restrictions. Customers can sign up for the eNlight Cloud for just $5 and receiving $25 in extra credit for free, totaling $30 in total usable credit.

The presentation “Demystifying Cloud Computing” covers fundamentals of Cloud Computing, and highlights the various ways in which a cloud can be utilized, including interesting and amazing features of eNlight that benefit companies across the world.

SaaS Offerings

To complement its hosting services and bring better value to its customers, bodHOST has planned a number of SaaS offerings. Zimbra in the Cloud is planned for early release to offer enterprises of all sizes truly cost effective collaboration platform and email as a popular alternative to Microsoft Exchange. The company will be launching the SaaS version of their popular eFiling (document management) software, which offers Business Process Management (BPM) through powerful workflows. A cloud portal for schools, addressing enhanced campus security, is also planned for release in Q1 of 2013.

Redesigned Website

A redesigned website is scheduled to launch in January to enable customers to easily navigate through this rich tapestry of colorful offerings. The website will cater to the visitors based on their platform of interest and will have extensive information about bodHOST products, infrastructure, whitepapers and other interesting bits.

bodHOST New Year Special Web Hosting Sale – Discounts Up to 50%

bodHOST has decided to continue its discount offers during Christmas and New Year after receiving a great response to the promotions for Black Friday and Thanksgiving. The company will continue the ongoing promotions in keeping with the festivities of Christmas and arrival of the New Year. These promotions are another reason for people looking for web hosting services to sign up with bodHOST. Promotions are available on most bodHOST products allowing customers to choose their most preferable hosting platform.

“We’ve received an exceptional response for promotions we had announced for Black Friday and Thanksgiving. We decided to continue our promotions as we would like to see many more customers take the advantage of the fantastic offers available on bodHOST. bodHOST team of technicians and support professionals has the knowledge and experience of over a decade which ensures best-in-class fully managed services for Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Even though our flagship product, eNlight, which is one of its kind Pay-Per-Use Cloud hosting platform is new to the market; we have received a phenomenal response and positive reviews from all the users strengthening our belief in eNlight. With the functionality and features eNlight provides, we’re sure it will make Cloud Computing easier and affordable to one and all.” Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST said.

The promotional offers will be continued through Christmas until the first week of January according to the recent announcement by bodHOST.

Overview of bodHOST Promotional offers:

50% Discount on all Shared Hosting Plans – Code: bodHOSTShared

50% Discount on all Reseller Hosting Plans – Code: bodHOSTReseller

20% Discount on all VPS Plans – Code: bodHOSTVPS

20% Discount on all Dedicated Servers with a Domain SSL certificate for free for 1 year – Code: bodHOSTDedicated

Extended Validity on all SSL certificates – Buy any SSL certificate from bodHOST, pay for 1 year and receive 3 years of Validity with a Dedicated IP.

eNlight Special

Signup for eNlight and pay $5 only to receive $25 in free credit. The total credit available for use will be $30 and there will be no restriction on credit usage. Coupon code – eNlightSpecial

About bodHOST

Soon after coming into existence in the year 1999, bodHOST proved itself to be among the first Fully Managed hosting providers in the US. Since then, the company has been involved in providing flexible yet reliable hosting solutions to meet the requirements of its customers. eNlight Cloud, one of its kind Cloud hosting solution based on Pay-Per-Use Cloud hosting platform is the result of constant research and innovative ideas of the company’s Technical and Development team. Even though the company has been providing best quality web hosting services, the solutions have been extremely affordable making it possible for all types of customers to take the benefit of the services offered by the company.

bodHOST Special Christmas Offers – Up To 50% Discount On Web Hosting

December 10, 2012 – bodHOST has extended its Black Friday and Thanksgiving promotions through to December 31, 2012, giving new and existing customers the opportunity to take advantage of product promotions that extend to most of the company’s product line-up throughout the festive period.

“We’ve had great reception from our Black Friday and Thanksgiving holiday promotions. We felt compelled to extend the great promotions on offer – including some new promotions we are announcing today – for the festive period and our entrance into the shared and reseller web hosting market.

“For the last decade we’ve always focused on providing the highest quality virtual private, dedicated and cloud hosting products in the U.S. and abroad. With our long-term experience in the dedicated, cloud and server web hosting market, we wanted to bring the level of quality and engineering excellence that we’re known for, to an area of the market that is better suited to lower-end requirements – whether for personal websites, blogs and forums or small e-commerce stores,” Probal DasGupta, Chief Executive at bodHOST said.

bodHOST announced all of their existing promotions will continue through to the end of 2012, as well as some new promotions on their line of dedicated servers and their flagship cloud hosting platform, eNlight Cloud.

bodHOST promotional offers

Since Black Friday, bodHOST has been offering a 50% one-time discount on their shared (cPanel hosting / Windows Hosting) and reseller hosting (cPanel Reseller Hosting / Windows Reseller Hosting) plans with the coupon codes bodHOSTShared for a 50% one-time discount on any shared hosting plan, and bodHOSTReseller for a 50% one-time discount on any reseller hosting plan. The shared and reseller discount promotions have been extended through to 31 December 2012.

Alongside the company’s promotional discount on their shared and reseller hosting plans, the company has extended its 20% first-month discount on any virtual private or dedicated server using the coupon codes bodHOSTVPS on any VPS Hosting (Linux VPS Hosting / Windows VPS Hosting) plan and bodHOSTDedicated on any dedicated server.

With any new SSL Certificate orders, customers that purchase an SSL certificate for one year will receive their SSL certificate with an extended three year validity period with a free dedicated IP.

To coincide with the company’s promotional extensions from Black Friday and Thanksgiving, the company is introducing two new offers on their dedicated servers and cloud hosting platform, eNlight Cloud.

Free SSL certificate with a dedicated IP with any dedicated server order

With any dedicated server order, customers will receive a free SSL certificate with a dedicated IP that will be valid for one year.

eNlight Cloud promotion

An in-house flagship cloud hosting platform from bodHOST, eNlight Cloud is a scalable cloud hosting platform with redundancy, speed and scalability for uptime-critical business requirements with eNlight Cloud based on a pay-as-you-go billing model. All new orders placed using the coupon code “eNlightSpecial” (without quotes) will receive $25 in free credit to use without any restrictions. Customers can sign up to eNlight Cloud for just $5 and receiving $25 in extra credit for free – totaling $30 in credit to use.

“With eNlight Cloud, customers can create as many virtual machines as required and can be allocated with up to 64 GB of RAM and 24 CPUs providing an incredibly robust, scalable and redundant cloud platform that is especially suited to scenarios where resource usage is unpredictable or inconsistent, especially during peak hours and busy periods,” Nitin Jadhav, Chief Technical Officer at bodHOST said.

bodHOST announces Thanksgiving & Black Friday Special Discount Offers

November 22, 2012 — Initially offering only high-end web hosting solutions for corporate customers, bodHOST now offers shared and reseller hosting enriching its portfolio – which now ranges from basic web hosting to advanced clustering and cloud hosting solutions. Established in 1999, bodHOST has been a front-runner in innovation with continuous value to their products and services. bodHOST now becomes the one web hosting company providing a comprehensive set of hosting solutions. From shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting to cloud hosting for uptime-critical business websites and e-commerce stores – bodHOST has a solution that perfectly fits the requirements and budget of individuals, e-commerce businesses and corporate customers.

bodHOST has announced special discount offers for Thanksgiving and Black Friday– increasing the savings for new customers with discounted plans on most of their range of hosting solutions – including the range of shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private and dedicated servers, and wide selection of SSL certificates.

• Get a 50% discount on shared and reseller plans by using thecoupon codes bodHOSTShared | bodHOSTReseller
• Get a 20% discount on virtual private servers usingthe coupon code bodHOSTVPS
• Get a 20% discount on dedicatedserversusing the coupon code bodHOSTDedicated
• Pay for 1 year and get an SSL certificate with a dedicated IP for 3 years.

As well as the great Thanksgiving and Black Friday discounts available, bodHOST have revised many of the hosting plans offered with higher resources and other features at the same great price points. VPS plans are now offered with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM to ensure excellent performance, and a new range of dedicated servers have been introduced with powerful hardware, replacing the previous servers offered by bodHOST for dedicated server customers.

“Considering that Thanksgiving and BlackFriday is when the real shopping season starts, bodHOST would like to make this weekend even brighter and better for our visitors and new clients through exceptional discounts on most of our products. We’re sure these deals will encourage many more organizations and individuals to join our company to experience best in class hosting services along with great customer support” says Probal DasGupta, Chief Executive at bodHOST.

bodHOST has a team of expert technical engineers, analysts and a highly-experienced management team which believes in offering the best IT solutions developed on the latest technologies. bodHOST’s client base includes businesses, professionals and individuals from around the world.

bodHOST introduces new product line with aggressive pricing!

Monday, 29 October 2012, bodHOST – New Jersey – In keeping with the changing requirements of the market at large, and of our customers, bodHOST is pleased to announce a completely new range of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers to suit varying budgets and resource requirements.

“The revised hosting plans from bodHOST address the increased demands for data storage, computing power and data transfer that our customers are facing, and accommodate these requirements at very attractive prices, keeping us highly competitive in the marketplace. bodHOST has always been committed to offering optimum and affordable hosting solutions to businesses, professionals, web developers and individuals, and our new pricing structure continues that tradition.” – Probal DasGupta, Chief Executive Officer at bodHOST, comments on the new range of VPS and Dedicated Servers.

The refreshed line of VPS and Dedicated Servers not only provides highly attractive hosting options to bodHOST customers, but unlike many hosting providers in the United States, all of bodHOST hosting solutions are fully managed; therefore, our customers never pay extra for technical support, with no hidden costs or complicated time-bound contracts. Our 24x7x365 technical support allows our customers to reach us for assistance through any of these mediums: phone, chat or a support ticket (based on personal preference).

bodHOST takes pride in its transparent pricing policy, and apart from Dedicated Servers (which are provided against a 30-day term), offer all other products on completely flexible terms that do not lock anyone into 12, 18 or 24 month contracts, or offer discounts only for first month. This is our customer-first principle providing total freedom to our customers.

The new line of Virtual Price Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers from bodHOST are available starting today at

Bodhost Launches New Updated Website – August 23, 2012

EDISON, NJ, August 26, 2012 — bodHOST Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of their new updated website bodHOST is a leading web hosting provider in the United States specializing in Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Business. Established in 1999, bodHOST has been a front runner in innovation, with continuous value addition to their products and services. Their latest offering, eNlight Cloud Platform, touted as a Dynamic Cloud Computing Platform, is a product of the vision of the organization to introduce newer, better technologies, products and services. Their new website now boasts of the complete catalog of their offerings, and has been given a slick makeover to reflect the company’s ideologies.

“We are glad to present the newly launched website with a fresh new look and equipped with a user friendly, easy to navigate design so users can instantly find what they are looking for,” says Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST, on why the site was revamped. He further adds- “ users can now access some new and informative pages with information on Why bodHOST, Technology, Datacenter, Solutions, eNlight as well as some new hosting plans and offers.

Bodhost has a team of capable technicians and support team that monitors and maintains their servers, update the software and ensure perfect functioning of all aspects of the company. bodHOST has always maintained the highest levels of security round-the-clock. bodHOST provisions fully managed web servers with branded hardware, 100% Network Uptime SLA, 24×7 customer support and much more to all their clients.

The new features that have been added to the revamped website are set to provide a multitude of benefits to its users. These features have been added keeping the convenience of users in mind. The new design includes a home page with pictorial description of all the products and services on offer, which are easily accessible by the users. bodHOST is confident that the new website will be received very well, as it is extremely user friendly.

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